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Wealth & Income Planning

Estate and Legacy Planning

The rules and regulations that govern how estates are valued, taxed and distributed are very complex. In addition to having the right legal documents (wills, trusts, power of attorney, etc.), ensuring your wealth is transferred to the next generation in a manner that reflects your values and objectives requires a carefully executed plan. If not handled properly, it can significantly decrease the value of your estate. While working with an attorney, our goal is to make your estate plan one that you can rely on and that meets your family’s financial circumstances. WealthPartners' professionals provide key services for successful Estate and Legacy Planning with continuous management and protection, including:

  • Trust and Estate Planning
  • Life Insurance Analysis and Planning
  • Charitable Gift Planning

Retirement Distribution Planning

Proper planning before and after retirement can make a huge difference in the quality of your life as you age. Aligning your expenses and your lifestyle expectations require careful attention when planning for retirement. Our retirement distribution team wants to make sure you have a plan that is executed to help provide you adequate income for life, to protect your loved ones in case of untimely death, and to ultimately keep you stress-free in retirement. WealthPartners’ professionals can help you in:

  • Retirement Planning
  • Income Distribution
  • Tax-Deferred Investing

Investment Management

The days of calling your broker for a good stock tip are over. Your wealth, your changing needs, and the evolving marketplace demand more than that. If you’re a millionaire at age 40 but blow it all by age 50, you’ve gained nothing. But by building and preserving your investment portfolio, you may find yourself funding many generations to come. Our process first takes into account your individual objectives, timeline, and risk tolerance, to combine it with our years of experience and wide range of investment vehicles to execute a strategy that is all encompassing. WealthPartners' professionals help deliver comprehensive management with services such as:

  • Individualized Asset Allocations*
  • Globally Diversified Portfolios
  • Ongoing Monitoring & Rebalancing

Wealth & Income Planning

As you go through the many stages of life, your ability to set money aside will fluctuate. This fluctuation must be factored into your long-term accumulation strategy. We believe a successful plan requires asset accumulation paired with strategies that can help ensure you don’t outlive your money. Our strategies offer options for diversifying* your assets across a variety of investment classes which can help lessen the risk against market fluctuations and changing financial conditions.

Life & Long Term Care Insurance

Insurance planning is an ongoing process and an integral part of the financial planning process. Inadequate insurance coverage could potentially be as big a mistake as lacking insurance entirely. Unknowingly being underinsured, or over-insured, could provide a threat to your assets, your livelihood and the security of the people connected to you financially. WealthPartners’ professionals help deliver excellence in financial thinking, providing you with an informed assessment and recommendation of your life insurance, long term care insurance and disability insurance to help protect your family’s financial circumstances.

In some cases, insurance planning can be used as a wealth accumulation method, a wealth preservation tool and an income replacement tool. WealthPartners' professionals can point you to the appropriate product solutions to help safeguard assets, mitigate risk and support wealth preservation goals.

*Using diversification and asset allocation as part of your investment strategy neither assures nor guarantees better performance and cannot protect against loss of principal due to changing market conditions. All investments involve varying levels and types of risks. These risks can be associated with the specific investment, or with the marketplace as a whole. Loss of principal is possible.