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Jeff Turnipseed, CPA

Jeff Turnipseed, CPA

Managing Director

It’s all about your approach.

Jeff’s favorite part of his role at WealthPartners is the opportunity to interact with clients through a holistic approach.

With his background as a CPA and by staying well-informed of current issues and changes to tax laws and retirement plan regulations, Jeff provides proactive solutions to his clients and helps educate them in the importance of preparing for retirement and reducing the uncertainty that often comes for those nearing retirement. He pays attention to each client’s unique needs and goals, then intentionally incorporates those into retirement planning strategies.

Prior to joining WealthPartners in 2014, Jeff worked as a Senior Financial Advisor with a financial management firm for many years and gained experience previously working at KPMG, Deloitte Touche, and Merrill Lynch. He was a founding partner of the CPA firm, TEC Partners. Jeff is a graduate of Millsaps College with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in accounting.

Jeff is a devoted father and husband. In addition to spending time with his family or traveling with his wife, he enjoys staying active and being outdoors.