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Business Succession & Benefits

Retirement Plans

As a business offering a 401(k) plan to your employees, you are held accountable for a level of expert knowledge that, for most, lies outside your area of expertise and familiarity. While many 401(k) providers employ outside fiduciaries to monitor selected investments, plan providers remain liable for the plans they provide to their employees. Our experienced business consulting team specializes in protecting companies like yours. It is our goal to provide a plan that will benefit your employees and maintain your profitability. Partnering with WealthPartners’ professionals for Retirement Plan Services means you receive expert advice on how to manage your employer-sponsored retirement options. Our team of experts will educate and offer solutions on your:

  • Plan Design
  • Fiduciary Issues
  • Investment Oversight
  • Employee Education
  • Plan Benchmarking

Business Succession

After providing decades of hard work to your business, you want to know that the business you’ve built will not only survive, but also thrive. You want to be able to rest in the knowledge that your business legacy will be transferred smoothly and successfully. Seeking the right advice can be key in making decisions. We can help develop a comprehensive plan that may involve services such as:

  • Succession Planning (sell or retain)
  • Corporate Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Future Ownership vs. Management Plan
  • Key Man Retention
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)

Executive Benefits

When it comes to talented executives that you want to attract, retain and reward, we believe you need financial incentives that will set your company apart. Our experts can help you enhance or create an executive benefits plan that turns the heads of those you want to retain or attract.

  • Executive Benefits Plans
  • Supplemental Retirement Plans
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Supplemental Disability Income Plans